My Old Man

So I introduced you to my Alaska dog, I thought it was time to introduce you to my old man. He goes by many names in our household: Stinky, Goofball, and Old Man to name a few. His actual name is Duke (he can thank my then 4 year old son who was loving on the GI Joe movies). He is a mix between black lab and blood hound and is probably the goofiest dog I know. He insists on going for car rides but then sits in the fetal position for the duration of the ride. He LOVES fleece, or anything soft (this is a major source of conflict between the two of us). And he is constantly trying to boss us around. If he thinks it is bed time he will stand in front of us and huff at us. Or if he thinks we are taking to long getting him dinner he will do the same. But I wouldn’t change him for the world. He has seen me through my spouses’ two deployment, countless moves and has always been a comfort to have. As I mentioned before he is a black lab so I don’t get many opportunities to photograph him where he doesn’t turn into a big black blog but I managed to catch a snapshot of him this last winter and thought I would share.



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