Mt. Susitna, The Sleeping Lady

Anchorage, Alaska is surrounded by water and mountains. You have the Cook Inlet that surrounds the city on three sides and you have the Chugach mountain range on the fourth side. Every where you look there is beauty to behold. One landmark that can be seen from almost anywhere in Anchorage is Mt Susitna. Or as many of the locals call her, The Sleeping Lady. This is because when viewed from above she looks like a sleeping lady. One place you can get a great view of this mountain and the Alaska Range is Point Woronzoff Park. It has two view points, one that faces north (on a clear day you can see not only the sleeping lady but also Denali) and one that faces west. I went down to the westward facing viewpoint the other evening and snapped a few shots of Mt Susitna and Mt Redoubt.


Mt. Susitna at sunset (that would be 11pm).


Mt. Redoubt at sunset with a bit of cloud cover.


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