Moose lovin

Moose are abundant in Alaska and it is one of the many things I love about this state. You could see them driving along the highway, hiking or on a flight seeing trip(although if you look at some state laws this isn’t legal, lol). These animals are so goofy looking they are beautiful and really until you see one somewhat close up you can’t understand just how large they really are.

When we lived in Fairbanks it wasn’t uncommon to find one in our yard pretty regularly, which I delighted in. My dog, Duke, is a pretty mellow guy and mainly barks at other animals, one morning he was going crazy. I looked out the window and couldn’t find anything. I told him to settle down and he continued on his maniacal barking spree. After about 10 minutes of this I finally decided I was going to show that dog what an idiot he was being. I threw open the back door and started marching out while yelling at him over my shoulder “See there is nothing out here!”. To my surprise I almost clotheslined myself on the belly of a moose who was standing directly outside my back door, out of eyeshot from the window. I let out a few curse words while backpedaling, slammed the door and promptly gave my dog treats and loves.




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