Life Lessons from fishing

As most of you already have heard me say, I love where I live. Last night we were out salmon fishing(by WE I mean the manchild fished while I photographed). Where we were fishing currently is pretty close to what we call “combat” fishing, there are a lot of people in a small spot trying to catch the elusive kings(the pic below shows how crowded it can get) but there are very few conflicts. We are all there to do one thing, catch a dang fish and it isn’t uncommon to watch someone reel in quickly so they can grab a net and help the person next to them bring in their fish.

In the group, pictured below, last night that lucky person was what looked like a 10-12 year old girl who needed to be anchored by her father in order to not be pulled in by the fish. And when that fish started running upstream every fisherman had reeled in and put away their pole so as not to interfere with her catch. Along with her father’s constant encouragement, a good portion of the fishermen were also cheering her on, loudly. After a good 10-15 minute fight the girl finally prevailed and the whole group was cheering for her. That moment will stay with that child and I know it will stay with me, if only every aspect of our lives were like that. If people put down their own selfish wants and needs and helped and cheered on their neighbors our whole world would be a better place!image


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