Mendenhall Glacier

One of things every traveler must do in Juneau is see the Mendenhall Glacier. It is one of the easiest accessible glaciers to see in Alaska, at least if you travel through this area. It is a short drive north from Downtown Juneau or a short drive south from the Alaska Marine Highway ferry terminal. Either way you come into the area, make sure you go check this out. The day I went was pouring down rain but even on those kind of days it is worth the drive, as you can drive right up to the viewing area that is covered. If you are feeling adventurous, like I was, you can then hike out to a couple different areas(see the link above for a map and information). The one I chose to do is the Nugget Falls Trail, which if you look at the first picture below you can see Nugget Falls on the right. It is a nice easy jaunt of a mile each way and is well maintained. Even on a cloudy, rainy day it was worth the hike to see the glacier a bit closer and of course get to see the falls(pictured below).




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