Pink (Humpback) Salmon Run

So if you are fisherman and live in Alaska you look forward to the salmon runs every year. Depending on where you live they can start as early as late May and run as late as Labor Day. Our family likes heading over to Valdez for these runs as it is less crowded than those in the Kenai area. This July we went over at the beginning of the Pink salmon run and weren’t disappointed as we brought home 15 salmon. Even if you don’t like fishing watching this event is quite interesting. The first picture below shows you the water just before the entrance of the run into fresh water. The darker water is the salmon swimming together towards a common goal but just like the fishermen gathering to try and take some fish home there are also other animals that come along for their take. Seals, otters, gulls, eagles, and bears are all present at one time or another to have their take of the fish. In the first picture below the light blue area of the water is where sea lions have chased the salmon away.


In the picture below you can see the fish trying to evade the sea lions as they dive through the group.


At the entrance to the fresh water the sight below is very common. There are backs and tails sticking out of the water everywhere.


The picture below shows what looks like a wave but is actually fish working together to try and get away from predators.



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