Valdez, the town that once was and once again is.

A while back I showed you the Ghost Forest that was the remains of the forest that was once down by Girdwood. In that post I told you that the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake was felt throughout much of Alaska. One place that it was not only felt but left devastated was in Valdez. In 1964 the town of Valdez was situated between the Valdez glacier and the Sound but that all changed on that Good Friday in 1964. The earthquake left the town in shambles, the dock destroyed and over 30 lives lost. The town site was considered unsafe and because of this they had to move the entire town to its current site about 5 miles down the road. The picture below was taken from what is left of the old town site as it looks onto the new town site. The town has set up a nice little tour that you can take with a map or with your cell phone. You can also check out many of the stories of those that were there at the local museum.


From the old town site you can see the new townsite located about 5 miles down the road.


The site of the old dock, you can see what remains of it on the far left, and an old forklift. The view is looking out to Allysen Point and the Valdez oil hub.


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