For the love of Moose, give them space!

As I stated yesterday, I love moose. And while they are adorably awkward they are also an animal to be very aware of. Alaska is known for its wildlife and we often hear stories of bear attacks but for me,  I would be more leery of a moose. For the most part if a bear attacks you it is for a reason: you startled them, they are protecting their young, or possibly they feel threatened and once that reason has been taken care of they will walk away. A moose on the other hand doesn’t really need a reason and they will continue to attack until they feel better. You really need to give them a good amount of space if you encounter them and watch their ears. Like horses their ears can help give you a some indication of their feelings. The top picture shows a moose who was merely interested in my presence but not really bothered by my camera clicking away while she munched on fireweed.  But if you look at the bottom picture you can tell she had had enough of my intrusion by the way her ears laid back. The best rule of thumb is to keep something between you at all times.




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