Looking ahead

So between the weather, work and family obligations getting out to get photographs hasn’t been an option. I swear it has been raining for a couple weeks straight! And I have noticed that our temps have been steadily staying lower. Unfortenately the forecast isn’t giving me much hope of a late burst of summer heat either. So, rather than start getting depressed about summer already being over I thought I would spend this week looking forward to things to come and hopefully I will get to come back next week some more amazing summer photos from Alaska.

Unlike a lot of states in the lower 48 ,Alaska has stark contrasts between its seasons. And if one looks hard there is something beautiful in each one. Summer brings on a time of crazy activity. The sun doesn’t set in most of the state and its citizens seem to feel the need to absorb as much of its rays as possible, so people go nonstop from late May until late August. It is a lot of fun to get out and not have to worry about when the sun is setting but by the time August comes around I am almost relieved to wake up at night and be surrounded by darkness because with the onset of that darkness comes other Alaskan beauties that I can’t wait to photograph.

So for this week’s series of posts I am going to show you some of the things that I am looking forward to most for this coming fall and winter. The first of which is the spectacular fall colors. The pictures below are two of my favorite fall pictures(although the one on the left was taken in Washington state and the one on the right was taken in Alaska).


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