Photo Challenge: Terrifying Fun!

via Photo Challenge: Fun!


So for this week’s photography challenge the theme is fun. This could mean so much and I had a hard time narrowing it down. For me fun is being outside with my camera, being with my family camping, or many other things but I thought I would share a particular instance of fun.

Let me give you a little backstory: for Christmas one year my manchild and I decided to give the children adventures instead of physical gifts and they were allowed to choose the person that they would do this with. We gave one a horseback riding trip, another a Hobbit themed day and for one child a chance to go zip lining. Now to understand this child you have to know that I am pretty sure his adrenaline levels are way above the normal person. He is the child that loves ANYTHING that gets that adrenaline pumping. During this time frame we were traveling all over the western U.S.. The horseback riding happened in Texas, the Hobbit day happened in Washington state and the zip lining happen to occur in Las Vegas. I had showed said child a crazy zip lining opportunity in Vegas between two buildings. I had done this teasingly but the child loved the idea and decided he wanted me to do it with him.

Now I am adventurous soul, for the most part, but my biggest fear is falling to my death so this idea did not excite me AT ALL. But I pulled up my big girl panties and agreed to go. When you go to sign up to do this you have to sign a consent form and mine looked like I was having a seizure while signing, my hands were shaking so bad. You then get into an elevator and go to the 50th floor where they put you in a seat next to your partner and buckle you in. This is where I did a little bit of freaking out, the sign said you would be harnessed into the seat, their harness: a second seat belt. Oh my stars!! If I hadn’t already had the first buckle on I would have gotten out. When I mentioned this to the attendant he just smiled. Then he pushed a lever and in under 2 minutes we went from the 50th floor of one building to the top of the tower next to it about 800 feet away. I don’t remember what I said during the crazy ride but I did ask the child to ignore it. I can tell you it was the most terrifying thing I have ever done but it was also a lot of fun once it was over!


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