The Spotting Game

So I don’t think I have ever told you how I go about taking all of these pictures. Sometimes it is dumb luck, you are in the right spot at the right time as you are headed to a specific destination. But most of the time the photographs I post are taken because I go out and look for them. I spend many evenings and weekends just going out to look for the shot I want. When you head out to shoot wildlife you need to take a couple things with you in order to be successful and safe. You need your: camera (obviously), transportation, safety measures (my trusty beasts work great as an early warning system), and a look out. Besides my camera and transportation, the look out is by far one of the most important aspects of my trips. My look out is my amazing manchild and he always impresses me with his spotting abilities. I thought I would give you an example of his awesomeness. On a drive the other night he calmly tells me to stop and turn around because he saw a moose(Mind you I have been looking in the same areas as well and didn’t see a dang thing). So I flip the truck around and park and have him show me what he saw. The first picture below shows you what he saw but to get the shot I had to climb off the road and down an embankment and my camera lens was extended to its full 300m range. Yet he managed to see him from a car driving 50mph.


How he saw that moose from the road, while I was driving 50mph, I will never know. Even after the moose came a little further out of hiding he was still hard to spot.


After patiently waiting the manchild and I were rewarded with a full on view of this hunky bull moose. I am very thankful for the amazing spotter I have with me!


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